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Test Automation Services

RPI's Test Automation Group offers specialized design services focusing on production automation, test actuators, workstation design, and robotics interfaces.


Key services provided by our TA group include:

  • Design of manual and semi-automatic test actuators

  • Robot-enabled workstation design

  • Test Chamber and test rack design

  • Design of inline temperature-controlled test stations


Engineering & Tools & Services:

  • PCB design, assembly & test

  • Mechanical design & on-site machining

  • 3D CAD Modeling

  • Engineering Consulting

  • Quick-turn prototyping


The TA group specializes in the application of high current and high voltage connector technology, particularly for eV/HV powertrain, and motor driver markets . They help solve the daunting problem of testing high power devices in production.  For you, this means safe, cost-conscious, and reliable testing of a challenging class of devices.

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