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Contact Us   To initiate the quoting and contracting process, please contact RPI via the Customer Intake form in Contact Us or email us at Please attach supporting documentation and describe your objective and the services you are looking for. We request both phone and email contact information. Your inquiry will receive a response within 24hrs.

Discuss & Clarify    The next step is to discuss your requirements with RPI sales.  This can be done via online means (Zoom, Microsoft Teams), or via phone and email.  The desired outcome of this discussion is that RPI fully understands all your requirements, and that we have sufficient knowledge to issue a quotation. 

Quoting & Scheduling    Once all required information has been received by Sales, a quote will be issued within 48 hrs.  When we receive a P.O. at, the job will be scheduled, and a Sales Order Acknowledgment document will be issued to the requestor via email.  We take pride in our customer service, so if some aspect of the quote is not aligned to your needs, let’s discuss!

Switch Racks

Switch racks are high current connectivity solutions for automotive and industrial applications. Built using patented AirSwitchTM technology, RPI designed and developed a 600A Rack-based 1:6 multiplexor system for automotive motor driver testing.

  • Each of 6 modules provided

  • 6 ea. 600A signal lines

  • 12 ea. 400A  signal lines

  • 300 ea. 8A signal lines

  • Fully automated operation with no loose cables

  • requiring connection by operators

Tape Machine
Tattoo Machines

ESS Chambers and Racks

RPI's cart-based system makes Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) trouble-free and energy efficient. Our unique, air actuated door bladder effectively mates the cart with the chamber. The automatic interface connector eliminates errors in cart electrical connection, making loading and unloading simple and trouble-free.

  • Temp range: -40° to +125° Centigrade

  • Option for one or two bay configurations

  • Air or water-cooled refrigeration packages

  • Plexiglas doors to monitor drive boards

  • Energy-efficient sidewall design

ESS Inline Hot/Cold Test Stations

RPI’s patented ESS Inline System™ allows continuous, frost-free testing at different temperatures while powering up your product throughout the Dual-plenum frost free inline PCB test station. ESS Inline System TM offers offers continuous, frost-free operation from -40 to +85 Deg C.

  • Patented, dual-evaporator-based cooling system  enables continuous, frost free operation

  • Custom-designed air-curtain with brushes isolates each   temperature chamber

  • Modular, customizable design

industry machine
Engine Belts

Custom Connectors

We work hard to solve chronic connectivity issues with custom-designed connectors. RPI-designed custom motor-driver test cabling eliminates long-standing quality, throughput and

maintenance issues.

  • Eliminated faulty connection issues

  • Improved production throughput

  • Individual pins easily serviced/replaced

  • Compatible with robotic interfaces

Dual Axis Test Fixtures

RPI enjoys collaborating with customers to solve unique manufacturing challenges. Dual-axis roll-over protection system are for automotive applications.

  • Co-designed roll-over protection module, prototyped and manufactured at RPI facility

  • Servo-motor-based design provided precise, 2-axis g-force stimuli

  • Interfaced to customer test electronics

  • Light curtain-based operator protection system

Computer Circuit Board Macro
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