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RPI has been the leader in test fixture design for over 25 years.  We also provide full service capability for Design, Fabrication, and Integration of Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) Burn-in Chambers and Test Systems.

 RPI Test Fixture Designs

From high-cycling spring probe connector designs, to manually operated test fixtures, to fully automated product test systems, RPI has the experience, expertise, and means to meet your product testing requirements.  

RPI Burn-in Test Carts & High Current Switch Racks

RPI is a manufacturer of Burn-in Test Carts and Fixturing Racks for continuous testing of products. These systems can be custom built to meet specific  temperature profiles, product handling, harnessing, and tester interface electronics.

 RPI Services

Control Panels, Control Boxes, & Panel Wiring 
Circuit Boards - SMT 
Circuit Boards - Through Hole
Cable & Wire Harnesses 
Engineering Design Service 
CNC Machining Services 
Assembly & Fabrication 

RPI In-circuit Test Fixtures
RPI incircuit probe fixtures

RPI Multiple Contact Relay
RPI multi-contact relay switch

RPI Overstock

 Hypertronics LDMSTH Module D

Dale .606 Ohm RH-50 50W 1%